People who have impacted my life in a positive way

Hello friends, Milen here again. It has been months since I wanted to post this. But I was not sure if it would bring any value to anyone's life. So I kept postponing. But I finally mustered the courage to pour my little heart out. Please let me know in the comments section if you have liked it and feel free to share your influencers and unsung heroes....

Everybody seems to be talking about influencers these days – Instagram, Facebook influencers, with many (virtual) followers. Most of them shiny and hollow shells, manipulators looking to cash in on others' vanity, gullibility and egotism. But what about true Influencers – those who are too busy to serve humanity, the society, Nature, and do not have time to post selfies with middle-finger gestures and duck faces, and rant out on various platforms? The silent (ok, some of them not-so-silent ;-) ) warriors who do not want to create followers, but rather to create leaders? Here is my humble tribute to them:

List of the people who have influenced my life in a positive way (after my family, of course ;-))

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – a spiritual Master, a peace-maker, a saint, a selfless Giver. If you have ever wondered what Wisdom and Kindness would look like if they would take human form, that's Him. His teachings helped me overcome a years long depression and get off antidepressants effortlessly. He is the founder of the Art of Living – the world's largest volunteer-based non-profit organization. The have designed and taught to millions of people courses for stress-relief, well-being, meditation, kids' and women's empowerment, even a prisoners' program. Did you know he stopped the decades-long armed conflict between the FARC and the government in Colombia? One man made a para-terrorist organization cease their activities. That alone speaks volumes. Sri Sri has inspired me personally so many times and has helped me grow tremendously as a human being. You can learn more about my experiences as a volunteer you can do it here You can learn more about Guruji (as His followers affectionately call him)

Robin Sharma – a writer, business coach, personal development expert. Gosh, it's been so many years since I read his book about The Monk who sold his Ferrari. His obsession with detail when it comes to human performance of all kinds – professional, mental, even physical, is remarkable. He is a rather introvert, self-reflecting and laid back kind of leader. And he is sooo good at what he does. You can check his website and his Youtube channel

Tony Robbins – If super-humans exist, he is the perfect paragon. The billionaire-whisperer. He is like a Cadillac Escalade (OK, OK, there are hybrid Escalades too) in a world populated with Hyundai Accents (no offence to Hyundai drivers). If you are extrovert and are looking to grow in any area of your life – personal and professional development, relationships, health, time-management,, Tony is the man. Everything about him is big – his smile, body, voice, scope of activities, business, causes, impact. He even wrote a book on financial independence and vowed to donate pretty much the whole profit to charity. I highly recommend you check out the tons of free material he and his team post on Youtube, blogs and other platforms.

Tim Ferriss – Jack of all trades, master of so many. Early stage investor and entrepreneur (talking about Uber, Twitter etc.), author (NY times best-seller), blogger, podcaster (regularly ranked one of the most popular podcasts on all platforms), self-experimenting human guinea pig. This man has done (and is doing as we speak) so many diverse things in his life that it's hard to imagine he ever sleeps. I personally am addicted to his podcast and used one of his books (The four hour body) to regain quite a bit of the weight I had lost due to stress and other factors. Here is the link to his blog:

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