Our story

Who we are?

Hi, we are Milen and Pavel, proud partners in this bold adventure. We are a couple of regular Canadian Dads, crazy about our families, plant-based food and healthy lifestyle. Having been friends for years now, shortly after Milen’s family almost converted Pavel and his family to vegetarianism (almost, since Pavel’s kids are still kicking and thrashing, but getting there ;-) we decided to start a project together. As parents we both know how hard it is to find for our kids snacks that are healthy and delicious at the same time. Most of the so-called


"healthy school safe bars and snacks"


are filled with soya, artificial flavors, sugar disguised under names one cannot even pronounce. Plus, shopping around and refilling the cupboard on time is a tiresome task (good luck doing it with a 7-10 year olds or better yet, with pre-teens and teens. You know there is a whole science behind the big stores’ layout, designed to stick in your kids’ faces the worst possible candy. So may the nagging begin….).

What we do?

So we decided to build an online store and share with other families in Northern America the best, cleanest options available – snack bars, desserts, cookies, vegan chocolate… We browsed through some of the incumbent online stores for healthy, plant-based gluten free, paleo food and snacks to see what we are up against. Most of them looked so impersonal, made with one obvious reason – to sell more. Don’t you get annoyed by all this too? Popups, bait to get clients’ emails so they can keep spamming and retargeting them through Facebook, Google and whatnot. Did you know that an average Northern American is bombarded with 300 (or was it 3000, anyway could be more) marketing messages per day? Billboards, in-app offers, branded cars and cabs, buses, this and that. A cut-throat fight for your eyeballs and attention. Oh, by the way the billboards now have in them some sort of gadgets who detect if you are looking at them (yeah, we know, creepy). So we vowed from day one to build our online store in the most friendly way possible, and make it customer (and human) centered. No chatbots designed to just “take your money and run”, no arm-twisting with “amazing offers” for which you just have to “sign up for our newsletter”.

What we offer?

We offer you the best products that we can find at the best price possible, period. Even our discounts and coupons are not binding – you can take the discount even if you do not sign up (but you can sign up if you really want to ;-) We shall continue to strive to steer away from any kind of manipulative tactics and gimmicks. We want you to come back and refer your friends just because (hopefully) we have added some value to your lives. This is how we want to do it – to share with you information on vegan/vegetarian nutrition, health/parenting tips, etc. We even added an extra “altruistic touch” – we found an app which allows us to automatically donate 2% of every purchase to the Art of Living foundation (you can read a little bit more about the AOL here: https://www.artofliving.org/ca-en).Since Milen  already has some experience in the field we started with some of the brands that his brick-and-mortar business represents for Canada and are working to add a lot more in the near future.  Combined with Pavel’s graphic design abilities and creativity, we thought it would be a good match.

So here we are, wish us luck and do not forget to let us know what you think about our products and ideas ♥



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